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  • Where can I park the helicopter?

    Posted on November 30, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Unfortunately, considering the number of orders we actually take, we rarely get to see the completed project, let alone see the paving being put to good use.

    However, back in early 2008, a customer from East Lothian placed an order for a Yorkvale Silver Black 3 Ring Circle. Whilst placing the order, the customer and our sales advisor Joanne began to chat, when they found a topic of common interest... flying. Joanne had been a member of the RAF before joining Simply Paving and the customer had an unusual feature in his back garden... a helicopter! Not what you'd expect; a water fountain or a stone statue maybe, but a helicopter? What was more intriguing was the fact that the helicopter was not for use, just for show... and the Yorkvale circle... for parking it on!

    Generally, we wouldn't recommend anything other than foot traffic and some patio furniture on such a product, however, upon explicit laying instructions from ourselves and StoneFlair, the order was placed.

    We didn't have to wait too long before a very happy customer sent through the photographs to show the helicopter and its new home.

    Needless to say, we couldn't believe our eyes!

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  • Buying in bulk?

    Posted on November 18, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Simply Paving are now pleased to offer a wide range of bulk building materials and aggregates supplied directly to site through Express Aggregates and Aggregate Supplies, both part of Aggregate Industries.

    We're more than happy to advise on costs and delivery, so why not give us a call on 0800 032 6306?

    We can also supply building materials and aggregates in smaller quantities direct to your door, for more information, check out our website.

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  • Help! I hate my garden.

    Posted on November 10, 2009 by Simply Paving

    The 7th October '09, products supplied by Simply Paving (Bradstone Highland Pebbles) were featured on ITV’s This Morning feature “Help! I hate my garden”.

    Simply Paving can supply a wide range of decorative stones, cobbles, pebbles and rockery stones which include colours and materials indigenous to specific regions which will suit all types of locations and gardens. Bradstone’s Highland Pebbles are an ideal accompaniment to water features as they are fish friendly, yet they also create added interest in large paved areas.

    In this episode of “Help! I hate my garden” Sven Wombwell meets a couple and their three young children, who were half way through major renovations to their family home, when problems with their builders left work at a standstill and the garden as a building site. Sven and his team re-vamped the garden and transformed it into an extension of the living space, but more importantly, a safe area for the children to play. Bradstone’s Highland Pebbles were used to create a feature area, bringing texture and designer style to the garden.

    Images will soon be featured in our online gallery, alongside hundreds of other customer photos. If you missed the episode, you can see the clip again on ITV's This Morning website.

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  • Here's one I made earlier...

    Posted on November 9, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Early March '09
    Q: "Hi, I'd like some advice please; is the StoneFlair Yorkvale range suitable for a pathway?" A: "Yes, it should be perfectly fine, where are you looking to use the product?" Q: "Well, we'd be laying it as a pathway leading up to the pond... in the Blue Peter garden."

    It took a moment for it to click, we were being asked to supply product to the most famous garden in the country. A garden that many of us will have seen on TV since very early childhood. A garden originally designed by Percy Thrower and unveiled by Peter Purves, John Noakes and Lesley Judd. The final resting place of George the Tortoise. What an honour.

    Needless to say, the order was placed and within twenty-four hours, the product was collected from StoneFlair and delivered to BBC Television Centre. Result, the Blue Peter stickers arrived in the post no more than a week later!

    So, the next time you catch Blue Peter or for that matter, the weather forecast on Breakfast News, keep your eye out for the Yorkvale Autumn Brown pathway.

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  • Livrez-vous en France?

    Posted on November 6, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Yes, we do…

    Through an exceptional delivery network, Simply Paving can deliver to almost any destination, whether it be Dundee or the Dordogne, Dublin or Den Haag, we’ll find a solution for you.

    One of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever delivered to is Landivy, a small rural town in North West France, around an hour inland from Saint-Malo.

    The customer initially contacted us on the 6th March ‘09, to enquire whether we would be able to deliver three packs of Bradstone Natural Sandstone Silver Grey 900x600's to the area. Within a few hours we’d confirmed the customer’s requirements and set the wheels in motion for our transport company make arrangements with their French counterparts.

    Upon completion of the prep work, the customer confirmed the order on 20th March ‘09; just six days later, the product had been delivered. A very kind email from the customer stated “Just to let you know that our patio slabs arrived safely in France this morning. To say my husband and I are amazed by the standard of your service is an understatement.”

    Around three months later, we received a further email, with photographs, to let us know the job had been completed. Without doubt, this is one of the most beautiful patios in one of the most perfect settings we’ve ever seen. It certainly makes the job worthwhile, knowing that we’ve supplied products, which will be enjoyed for many a summer evening.

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  • Simply who?

    Posted on November 6, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Welcome to the Simply Paving Blog.

    Established in 2005, Simply Paving prides itself on offering consistently low prices, achieved by collecting products directly from the manufacturers and delivering them straight to your door. By keeping overheads low, Simply Paving is always able to offer low prices, compared to its competitors.

    We offer a wide range of products including walling, building materials and finishing touches from leading suppliers including Bradstone and StoneFlair.

    As many homeowners are improving rather than moving in the current economic climate, Simply Paving can supply the great outdoors to your doorstep.

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