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  • Simply Paving Joins the Landscape Juice Network

    Posted on December 14, 2009 by Simply Paving

    Simply Paving are delighted to announce we are now members of the Landscape Juice Network.

    Although very new to the network, we can already see it's going to prove an invaluable tool. With over 800 members and an average of 1.5 new members every day, LJN is an incredibly fast growing source of knowledge from all areas of the landscaping industry.

    When registered with the site, you will have access to hundreds of blogs, the discussion forum and an array of media resources including images and video clips.

    The discussion forum is key to the Landscape Juice Network; whether you have a question or query regarding landscaping matters or simply have something to say, look no further.

    Launched in 2008, creator, Philip Voice aims to grow the site organically as an aid to garden and landscaping businesses: "The point about my network is 'real' relationships benefiting real situations. I have made the point before that the information that is available here today, may not become of use for another six months. I do not mind if you pop in once in a blue moon providing, that when you are here, you are getting something back for your time."

    Why not also check out Phil's blog @

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