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  • Win with Simply Paving Autumn / Winter 2016

    Posted on February 18, 2017 by Simply Paving

    Here at Simply Paving, we would like to thank everyone who entered our 2016 Autumn Winter photographic competition. As with previous years, we are overwhelmed with the response we have received in regards to the competition, and we are blown away with the impressive workmanship and design that has been placed into creating such beautiful outdoor areas.

    It has been a difficult process narrowing down our many wonderful entries, which show an array of our products being used in many different, and unique ways.

    The images very kindly sent in by participants will be a great help to future customers, who are in need of a little inspiration!

    Like last year, we have chosen one outright winner who will receive a cheque for £500, three second place runners-up who will receive a cheque for £200 each and seven further runners-up who will each receive a cheque for £100.

    Our first prize winner, and the well-deserved recipient of the £500.00 cheque is Mr. Shivam Patel from London!

    Mr. Patel used the Natural Sandstone Paving in Fossil Buff. He has cleverly used a mixture of the 2-ring circle, squaring off kit and the also the 4-size patio pack to create clean lines and a beautiful sophisticated look.

    As you can see from the photos below, a deal of great skill has been exhibited in terms of design and attention to detail for this project.

    The natural variation of colour in the Fossil Buff sandstone, and the use of feature lighting, complement each other wonderfully. Also, the use of contrasting dark window frames and the contemporary bi-folding door against the crisp white walls, will look attractive in both a day time and night time setting.

    Congratulations on winning our first prize in this year's competition!

    Up next, are the three second place runners-up, who each have received a cheque for £200!

    Catherine Astbury from Ellesmere Port has used the very popular Bradstone Natural Slate Paving in Vijaya Gold patio pack to produce a stunning patio area. The product's distinctive colours are ideally suited against the soft sage green conservatory. Along with the selection of many perfectly placed plants and attractive pond area.

    Another perfect example of Natural Sandstone Fossil Buff patio paving was created by Mary Wilding from Milton Keynes.

    The perfectly laid sandstone looks wonderful against the decorative aggregate and also the contrasting green ivy. The product has been laid to a high standard, and overall looks fantastic!

    A perfect area for entertaining and enjoying the summer months.

    Our 3rd second place runner up is Rob Jenner from Jenner Landscape and Construction located in Princes Risborough.

    Mr. Jenner has created a sophisticated modern area using the Bradstone Natural Granite paving in colour Silver Grey. The attention to detail and workmanship is clearly evident as you can certainly see from the photos.

    Rob has used a mix of both the 600x600 and 600x300 to produce a sleek contemporary outdoor space, which looks effortless against the old authentic backdrop and carefully placed greenery.

    Finally, to announce the seven runners up who have received a cheque of £100.00!

    A product that has never featured in our competition is the Blended Natural Sandstone Paving in Burnt Umber.

    This product was used to create a pretty patio area at Mr. Arthur Webb's residence in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

    The area looks perfect sun trap and the ideal place to relax in the summer months on the comfortable looking furniture.

    The second runner up Gavin Hodson from Southsea, sent in some fantastic before and after shots of his patio using the Natural Sandstone in Autumn Green.

    Mr. Hodson has transformed his garden using the patio pack and created a border using decorative aggregate. The freshly painted sky blue window frames and door of the outbuilding, colourfully contrast again the vary of colours in the sandstone.

    Mr. Alan Knight from Pulborough opted for a manufactured product, and chose the Bradstone Old Town Paving in Weathered Limestone.

    He has created a feature patio dining area using the 2-ring circle with modern outdoor furniture.

    Mr. Knight has also teamed the circle with an array of different sized patio paving in the same product, for the base of the family hot tub.

    The warm buff tones of the Old Town Weathered Limestone and the dark wood raised decked area, complement each other wonderfully.

    In these photographs, you can see the Bradstone Ashbourne York Brown patio pack displayed.

    Mr. Bell from Barnsley has produced a perfectly laid patio, which ideally suite's its surroundings. The overhanging trees compliment the product, along with the dark stained wooded pagoda.

    The outdoor dining area is perfectly situated for summer BBQ's and socialising with friends.

    The very popular Bradstone Natural Limeston Paving in Blue-Black was used in the next entry, by Mr. Ralph Brade from Sheffield.

    Mr. Brade has made the most of his abstract shaped side patio area, by using the four-size patio pack and feature lighting. The product has been perfectly and looks impressive again the chrome bollards and wooden fencing.

    Overall the project has been construction and presented very well.

    Here we have Tim Wade from Salisbury chose to create a medieval style outdoor area using the Ancestry Paving Abbey Storm. The mixed size patio pack was used, which gives the perfect impression.

    The grey tones of the paving compliment the structure of the church like arch way and vintage looking stone work.

    Mr. Wade has also used a variety of beautifully coloured flowers and greenery alongside the patio, which looks stunning!

    This area is definitely the perfect place to relax in summer, and certainly a garden to be proud of.

    Last but not least is our final £100 winner, Jackie Norris from Wokingham.

    Mrs. Norris has used one of our premium natural sandstone products, the Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving in Ivory.

    Mrs. Norris has created a slightly raised uniform patio area, with a mix of contemporary and traditional design aspects.

    Decorative aggregate has been used as a finishing touch, along with the cleverly placed planters which contain a range of colourful flowers.

    Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

    As with every year, the entries were all of an incredibly high standard!

    You will find many of the images entered in our gallery which will prove a source of inspiration to all of our customers.

    Keep an eye out for any further competitions by Simply Paving in the near future.


    Simply Paving

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  • And the winner is...

    Posted on February 3, 2015 by Simply Paving

    Another year and another host of fantastic entries to our photo competition. Here in the Simply Paving office, we're always astounded to see what can be achieved with the products that we have supplied and again, the standard of the entries that we have received has been incredibly high and the level of workmanship on show is superb.

    It certainly wasn't easy narrowing down the entries and choosing just one winner and because of this we have chosen one outright winner who will receive a cheque for £500, second and third place entries who will receive a cheque for £200 each and then eight runners-up who will each receive a cheque for £100.

    From everyone in the Simply Paving team, we'd like to thank all who entered the competition and we're certain that the images will provide a great deal of inspiration for our future customers.

    The only thing to do now is reveal the results...

    Our first prize winner and the much deserved recipient of a cheque for £500 is Mr Andrew Shaw of Essex with this superb example of how the clean lines, dark shades and riven profile of the Bradstone Natural Slate Paving in Blue-Black harmonise perfectly to produce a finish that would be at home in either a traditional or contemporary garden.

    The contrast between the dark paving and the light brick works perfectly and the high standard of workmanship is clear to see.

    Congratulations, this is a patio to be very proud of!

    Bradstone Natural Slate Paving Blue-Black

    And now for the second and third place runners-up, who will each receive a cheque for £200. We're sure that you'll agree that these projects are deserving of their prize.

    Mr Douglas Crisp of Wiltshire has used Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving in Rainbow to create the perfect outdoor space for relaxing with family and friends. We can just imagine a summer afternoon sat here, perhaps even with a bottle of wine or two!

    Bradstone Smooth Natural Sandstone Paving Rainbow

    Miss Joyce Ward of Northamptonshire has made wonderful use of the different features available in the Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff range including a Patio Pack and a 2 Ring Circle which have both been edged with Setts. The whole look of the paved area is perfectly complemented by the planted borders of grasses and ferns.

    Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff

    Our eight deserving runners-up, each receiving a cheque for £100, are as follows:

    Mrs Pamela Matthews of Kent will no doubt be looking forward to spring and summer this year to make the most of this sunny outdoor space. Combining both Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving in Fossil Buff and the matching walling, Mrs Matthews has created a stunning patio with seating areas on two levels.

    Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff

    Our next entry is a beautiful example of a more traditional garden, combining a paved patio area of Bradstone Weathered Riven Paving Autumn Cotswold with a lawn and flower beds. We're sure you'll agree that the photograph sent in by Mrs Natalie McLagan of Guernsey shows a superb level of workmanship with the paving cut to give elegant curves.

    Bradstone Weathered Riven Paving Autumn Cotswold

    Mr Stuart Williams of Inverness has used Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving in Croft to create this large, sweeping entrance. This distinctive block paving is ideal if you're looking to give your driveway a predominantly traditional and rustic feel.

    Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving Croft

    Here, Mrs Fiona Trevett from Dorset demonstrates how using a combination of materials can produce a very effective modern look. The clean lines of the Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Blue-Black in the single size of 600x600 work perfectly with the wooden decking and red brick walling to create a superb contemporary space.

    Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Blue-Black

    Our next entry shows how the mixed sizes of Bradstone's Ashbourne Paving in Cotswold can be used to create interest in a long aspect London garden. Mrs Anna Chowdhury has created an outdoor space that looks like the perfect place to while away those long summer evenings.

    Bradstone Ashbourne Paving Cotswold

    Mr Nick Millward of Warwickshire totally transformed his townhouse garden using Bradstone's Carpet Stones in Rustic Red. The colour of the cobble works beautifully with the existing brick walling as well as the wooden sleepers used for the raised beds. Keep your eye out on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/simplypaving) as we will be posting before and after images to show just what a dramatic transformation has been undertaken.

    Bradstone Carpet Stones Rustic Red Cobble

    Here, Mr Richard Hobson of Kent has created a lovely patio area using Bradstone's Natural Sandstone Paving in Cragside. This particular stone is quite unique in that is has an aged appearance even though it has been newly quarried and it perfectly complements the existing natural stone walling.

    Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Cragside

    Last but by no means least, we have an entry that made us all here in the Simply Paving office incredibly envious. Without doubt, this entry from Mr James Brewer is one of the most stunning settings that we have ever seen our products used in. And what's more, as the product has been laid in Malaga, Spain, there will be no shortage of sunny days to sit and enjoy the view by the pool. Oh, and if you were wondering, the product is Bradstone's Gironde Paving and we're sure you'll agree that it works perfectly in these surroundings.

    Bradstone Gironde Paving

    Bradstone Gironde Paving

    Bradstone Gironde Paving

    Congratulations to all of our winners and again, thank you to everyone who entered the competition. You will find many of the images entered into the competition will be featured on our website and in our gallery, hopefully proving to be a source of inspiration to all of our customers.

    Make sure you keep an eye out for more fantastic competitions from Simply Paving over the coming months.

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  • Paving Around a Swimming Pool

    Posted on April 24, 2012 by Simply Paving


    Swimming pools - we'd all like one but if you're lucky enough to have one or if you're considering installing one, you'll want to make sure that you can make the best use of it possible when we have some good weather.

    One of the most important considerations for making the most of your swimming pool is what paving to use around it. You need to make sure that the paving is going to be suitable for all the activities you're planning for your poolside, whether that be sunbathing, entertaining or fun and games with the family.

    If slip-resistant properties are an important factor, our textured products such as Bradstone Textured Paving or StoneFlair by Bradstone Panache Paving Textured may be top of your list. However, just be careful if you're planning on using this type of paving as it will have quite a rough finish for bare feet, especially if children are running around.

    Bradstone Textured Paving

    If you're looking to recreate the look and feel of the Mediterranean, why not use Bradstone Tile Paving to evoke all the spirit, charm and warmth. With this product, you'll be back poolside at the villa without even boarding a plane!

    StoneFlair by Bradstone Tile Paving Mellow Terracotta

    If natural products are more appealing to you, why not try something ultra contemporary such as the StoneFlair by Bradstone Ventura Paving. This product uses 500mm x 500mm sized slab with a grooved design to give a very modern feel.

    StoneFlair by Bradstone Ventura Paving

    Precautions and Aftercare

    If concrete or natural stone flags are splashed with chlorinated water, they are liable to develop white crystalline marks as the water evaporates; this is not damaging and can be easily removed with clean water.

    However, concrete paving, and to a lesser extent, natural stone paving can be structurally damaged if exposed to chlorinated water in periods of freezing temperatures. As swimming pools are generally not used in such conditions, this is rarely an issue.

    Where can I get more advice?

    Bradstone flags have been recommended as pool surrounds many times, if you would like further guidance please give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or call the Bradstone helpline on 01335 372 289.

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  • Congratulations!

    Posted on January 11, 2011 by Simply Paving

    After a huge number of fantastic entries, Simply Paving are absolutely delighted to announce the results of our latest competition.

    The quality of the photographs we have received is incredibly high and the level of workmanship on show is superb, so much so that we simply couldn't limit the number of prizes given to just six entrants as with previous competitions. As such we have selected one outright winner who will receive the first prize of £500 and ten runners-up who will each receive £100.

    The winner taking the first prize of £500 is Mrs Linda MacLiver from Glasgow, with this stunning entry which really captures the beautiful tonal variations and elegant clean lines of the Modena Paving in Sunset Buff from StoneFlair by Bradstone.

    The winning entry wonderfully demonstrates the use of different materials to create an area that is not only eye-catching, but also perfectly practical for entertaining on and making the most of those sun-baked summer days that we're all longing for.

    Our ten runners-up, each winning a prize of £100 are:

    Mrs Inna John from Stevenage, Hertfordshire has created a contemporary outdoor space using Natural Granite Paving in Silver Grey from StoneFlair by Bradstone with its straight machine cut edges and textured top surface.

    Mr Keith Razzell from Woking, Surrey with Yorkvale Paving in Antique Gold from Bradstone. This product with its riven surface profile and irregular fettled edges has been expertly laid using the three sized Tudor pattern.

    Mr Simon Jaggard-Inglis from Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire has used Natural Limestone Paving in Blue-Black from Bradstone with its softer hand cut edges and subtly riven surface lending an exceptional quality finish to the modern design.

    Mr John Woods from Glasgow with Natural Slate Paving in Vijaya Gold from Bradstone. As you can see from the photograph, Natural Slate Paving offers outstanding natural beauty with every individual paviour unique in appearance featuring its own distinctive colours and shades.

    Mr Craig Evans from Millom, Cumbria with Natural Sandstone Paving in Sunset Buff from Bradstone, using both sizes of circle and randomly laid paving. This product offers a wealth of design possibilities with its unique shape, colour and texture making it an ideal solution for either traditional or contemporary gardens.

    Mr Tim Miller from London with Old Town Paving and Walling in Weathered Limestone from StoneFlair by Bradstone. This paving solution looks to the past for inspiration, replicating the look and feel of old weathered York flagstones, whilst the complimentary walling helps create an attractive boundary to the patio area.

    Mr Roy Underhill from Christchurch, Dorset with Monksbridge Block Paving in Croft from Bradstone. This block paving solution is designed to give your driveway a predominantly traditional feel and rustic look, with a range of subtle hues and a weather worn appearance.

    Mr Mark Hamer from Skelmersdale, Lancashire has created a sleek and sophisticated look using Panache Ground Paving in White and Black and Natural Polished Sandstone Paving in Silver Grey from StoneFlair by Bradstone.

    Mr Andy Moffat from Glasgow has created a wonderfully traditional patio area with Weathered Riven Paving in Autumn Cotswold from Bradstone (sealed). This moulded paving solution provides a convincing aged and worn stone appearance, thanks to fettled style edges.

    Mr Acland from Taunton, Somerset has been very inventive with the use of Driveway Block Paving in Autumn, Buff and Charcoal from Bradstone. This hard-wearing and durable paving solution offers a wealth of mix and match possibilities and is available in seven colour options.

    Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who entered the competition. The entries were all of an incredibly high standard and we here at Simply Paving had a very tough time reaching our decision. You will find many of the images entered into the competition will be featured on our website and in our gallery hopefully proving to be a source of inspiration to all of our customers.

    Make sure you keep an eye out for more fantastic competitions from Simply Paving over the coming months.

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  • New for 2011

    Posted on December 20, 2010 by Simply Paving

    This time of year is always very exciting for us here in the Simply Paving office as we get our first glimpses of the new range of products for the upcoming season.

    The first thing you may notice, is a change in branding of the Bradstone and StoneFlair ranges. As some of our customers may be aware, our two main suppliers, Bradstone and StoneFlair are actually sister companies and as of 2011 they will be working even more closely together. One key element of this rebranding is the introduction of StoneFlair by Bradstone, a range under which all premium products, both manufactured and natural, will fall.

    New Products - Traditional

    Restoration - A brand new natural sandstone paving with a chiselled profile and craggy face to create the look and feel of a weathered patio instantly. Available in handy 9.60m2 patio packs with three different sized pavers (800x400, 600x400 and 400x400).

    Restoration Paving from StoneFlair by Bradstone brings instant maturity to your patio.

    Cloisters - Manufactured using hand-picked masters reclaimed from a 300 year old wool merchants in Shepton Mallet. There is plenty of character in each profile to add a timeless style to your garden. Cloisters is manufactured using 30% recycled aggregates and is available in a blend of three distinct but complementary shades which are designed to be laid together. Cloisters is available in two patio packs, one with larger sizes up to 1000x800 to replicate traditional paving and the other incorporating a long aspect slats design for a more modern feel.

    Cloisters Paving from StoneFlair by Bradstone is manufactured using moulds created from original, reclaimed stone from a 300 year old building.

    Ashbourne - A quality riven paving incorporating fettled edges to provide a truly distinctive and attractive solution. Available in four shades (Cotswold, York Brown, York Gold and Antique Cotswold), two patio packs plus a 1.8m circle.

    Ashbourne Paving from Bradstone provides an attractive and distinctive solution to your outdoor space.

    New Products - Contemporary

    Finesse - A visually stunning natural limestone paving with smooth sawn edges to create a modern warm feel to the garden. This paving exhibits rich veins of colour running through it, with a lightly textured surface adding plenty of character. As an added benefit, the product will be coated with a sealant to ease cleaning and enhance the natural shading. Available in mixed 10.2m2 patio packs.

    Finesse Paving from StoneFlair by Bradstone adds a warm modern feel to any garden.

    Vogue - A new contemporary design using two shades (Cragside and Fossil Buff) of natural stone. The stone is polished and sandblasted to give an extra quality feel with a unique design for a truly different patio. Vogue is available in 9m2 patio packs.

    Vogue Paving from StoneFlair by Bradstone lends an extra air of quality and sophistication.

    Ventura - A new design to give you a different look to your patio. The Silver Grey Ventura uses a 500x500 paviour with a grooved design to give an ultra modern feel to the garden.

    The ultra modern Ventura Paving from StoneFlair by Bradstone.

    Tuscany 3D - A brand new shaped paver added to the Tuscany range. Can be used in two completely different laying patterns for a contemporary offset patio or for the more adventurous, why not try a 3D box effect on your patio. All patterns are achieved with only one shape so this paving is incredibly easy to lay.

    Panache takes style to a new level with its contemporary colours, not to mention a surface that sparkles in the sunlight.

    Panache - Introducing a new range of complementary shades: cream, fudge and chocolate. As with the existing colours in the range (Black, Silver Grey and White) these can be laid together in a random or formal pattern using one or both of the available finishes (textured and ground). Panache is a contemporary paver with up to 83% recycled content and Bradstone's surface protection.

    New Products - Concrete Block Paving

    StoneMaster - In addition to the already established StoneMaster range colours that replicate sawn sandstone blocks (Dark Buff Washed, Dark Buff Cast and Light Buff Washed), Bradstone have introduced three more colours to reflect the shades of natural granite. Available in mixed size packs, the three new colours of Light Grey Washed, Mid Grey Washed and Dark Grey Washed can be blended to give your driveway or patio a very contemporary look. All six colours are finished with surface protection to ease cleaning.

    Bradstone DriveFlair Block Paving has a visually stunning, high quality close textured finish.

    DriveFlair - A new range of block paving with a visually stunning, high quality close textured finish and enhanced colouration. The block is produced from 50% recycled product yet still provides an ultra hard-wearing patio or driveway. Available in five colours (Sunset, Twilight, Dusk, Flame and Sunrise).

    New Products - Walling and Edging

    Panache Walling - Ideal for use in modern gardens and is available in three shades (Black, Silver Grey and White). The walling is predominantly double-sided and is available in a 440x100x140 size.

    In addition to the new Panache Walling, Bradstone have also introduced a Long Aspect paviour (900x150) to the Panache range which can be used as a paving, as an edging or even as coping for the new walling range.

    Bradstone Panache Walling and Panache Long Aspect Paving / Coping / Edging.

    Bradstone are also introducing the new Slate Edging in Grey-Green which will be especially complimentary to the Old Town range.

    Bradstone Slate Edging Grey-Green.

    With all these new products in addition to Bradstone's already extensive catalogue, it certainly looks a superb 2011 lineup catering for all tastes and requirements.

    Please keep an eye out for these products appearing on our website very soon. If you require any further information, just drop us an email or give us a call on 0800 032 6306.

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  • Sizzling Summer Patios

    Posted on July 7, 2010 by Simply Paving

    Those lazy summer days finally appear to be upon us and here at Simply Paving we believe there's no better way to spend those long, sunny afternoons and cool, chilled out evenings than lounging around on your perfect patio.

    To celebrate, Simply Paving are offering 3 stunning new special offers so that you can enjoy your summer in style. Ideal for entertaining on, eating out on or simply just catching the rays on.

    Bradstone Gironde Paving

    £218.82 per pack including VAT and free delivery* OFFER NOW ENDED

    Reminiscent of antique French limestone flagstones, Bradstone Gironde Paving will definitely give your garden that certain je ne sais quoi.

    Its soft indentations and subtle shading will make stepping into your garden feel like stepping out of your gîte. Just add some comfortable seating and a nice bottle of Chablis and the illusion will be complete.

    StoneFlair Purestone Limestone Paving Midnight

    £318.38 per pack including VAT and free delivery* OFFER NOW ENDED

    StoneFlair Purestone Limestone Paving Blue Black has a beautiful surface finish and distinctive colour, which will give a striking and individual look to your patio. Carefully sourced, this natural stone product offers you the opportunity to use something a little out of the ordinary in your garden.

    Subtly riven, making it ideal for dining areas and hand cut, it has notably softer and more aesthetically pleasing edges than it's machined counterparts.

    Bradstone Milldale Paving Golden Sand

    £145.64 per pack including VAT and free delivery* OFFER NOW ENDED

    Just imagine: a warm summer's evening. A glass of chilled Chardonnay. A chance to relax on your beautiful patio and enjoy your garden as the sun goes down. Bradstone Milldale Paving Golden Sand brings a touch of class to your outdoor space.

    The shallow riven profile not only lends a pleasingly natural appearance, it also means fewer puddles and less rocking of that all-important garden furniture.

    Whatever shape your garden's in, you can rely on Bradstone Milldale Paving to fit your needs exactly.

    If you’d like more information on these or any of our other products, check out our website or contact the office on 0800 032 6306.

    *Delivery is free on orders with full packs except for deliveries to the postcodes AB, DD, IV, HS, KW, PA and PH

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