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  • Bradstone Old Riven Paving

    Posted on June 28, 2011 by Simply Paving

    A paving solution that's as cost effective as it is good looking.

    Cut down on costs without cutting down on style. Bradstone Old Riven Paving may represent a more economical solution for your garden, but it certainly doesn't mean it won't give you a beautiful looking patio or garden feature.

    On the contrary, the quality look and feel of Bradstone Old Riven Paving, along with a choice of five attractive shades, in six sizes and circle options, belie its inexpensive price tag.

    Although the Bradstone Old Riven range already recreates the look and feel of natural stone superbly, why not cleverly combine the Autumn Gold, Autumn Bronze and Autumn Cotswold shades to further enhance the illusion, whilst, also taking advantage of the different sizes available to ensure that perfectly random effect.

    So, how do I achieve this random natural effect?

    Bradstone Old Riven Paving in three colours and three sizes (Autumn Gold, Autumn Bronze and Autumn Cotswold).

    One of the more frequent requests we receive in the Simply Paving office with regard to the Old Riven range, is to calculate the quantities required to lay this product in three colours and three sizes. Below is a guide demonstrating how the Simply Paving team would work this out for you.

    1. Firstly, you will need to work out the area (in square metres) that you need to cover, which is generally a relatively simple calculation; multiply the length of the area you're looking cover by the width.

    For example, if you're looking to pave a garden 5.00m long x 6.00m wide, the total area you will need to cover is 30.00m2.


    2. Secondly, you will need to calculate the number of each size you require to cover your total area. To do this, you must first work out the total area each size covers:

    600x450 - 3.60 units per m2 - therefore each slab covers 0.278m2 (1.00m2 / 3.60 per m2 = 0.278m2)

    450x450 - 4.70 units per m2 - therefore each slab covers 0.213m2 (1.00m2 / 4.70 per m2= 0.213m2)

    300x450 - 7.00 units per m2 - therefore each slab covers 0.143m2 (1.00m2 / 7.00 per m2 = 0.143m2)

    Then, add these together to find the total coverage that using one of each of these sizes will give you:

    0.278m2 + 0.213m2 + 0.143m2 = 0.634m2


    3. Now you know the area that you need to cover and you also know the area that one of each size covers, you can calculate the total number of each size you require. To do this, divide your area by the area that the three sizes will cover:

    30.00m2 / 0.634m2 = 47.32 units of each size

    Therefore, you will require:

    48 units 600x450

    48 units 450x450

    48 units 300x450

    You can check your calculations at this stage by multiplying the area that one of each size covers by the number of each size you have been given:

    0.634m2 x 48 units of each size = 30.43m2


    4. If you wish, you can leave it here and only opt for one colour in the Old Riven range (i.e. 48 of each of the three sizes in a single colour), alternatively, if you do wish to go for the three colours, simply divide your total number of slabs in each size by 3:

    48 units / 3 = 16 units 600x450 Autumn Gold, 16 units 600x450 Autumn Bronze and 16 units 600x450 Autumn Cotswold

    48 units / 3 = 16 units 450x450 Autumn Gold, 16 units 450x450 Autumn Bronze and 16 units 450x450 Autumn Cotswold

    48 units / 3 = 16 units 300x450 Autumn Gold, 16 units 300x450 Autumn Bronze and 16 units 300x450 Autumn Cotswold


    Hopefully that wasn't too confusing!

    Now you have the quantities that you require, you can simply order the product online @ http://simplypaving.com or by calling the office on 0800 032 6306.

    One last hint, before you go ahead and permanently fix the product in place, it may be advisable that you dry-lay the mix of colours and sizes in order to achieve a natural, blended appearance that is pleasing to the eye.

    What about a circle?

    For that finishing touch, why not try incorporating the 2 Ring Circle feature into your design, available in all 5 colours with matching squaring off kits to allow for easy installation.

    Bradstone Old Riven Paving Autumn Silver 2 Ring Circle edged with Bradstone Tile Paving Blue Black

    If you do require any help, please do not hesitate to give the Simply Paving office a call on the above number or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

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