Azpects, EASYJoint All Weather Jointing Compound Mushroom - 12.50kg Tub

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( inc. VAT )
12.50kg Tub
7.00m2 £5.71 £39.99
Delivery usually within 3-5 days


Mushroom - neutral.

The approximate coverage of 7.00m2 per 12.50kg tub is based on use with Bradstone's Natural Sandstone Paving; 4 sizes, depth of 22mm and joint width of 10mm.

Coverage is dependent upon mix of sizes, joint depth and joint width of the product. For further information on coverage, please refer to the table (left).

Available in five colours, Basalt, Buff Sand, Jet Black, Mushroom and Stone Grey, EASYJoint from Azpects provides the perfect finish to many of our flag paving ranges.

EASYJoint is an all year round product and can be used in virtually all weather conditions - this means all work can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to work delays and disruption. No going back to finish a job.

Whatever the weather is doing or going to do, with EASYJoint there's no need to worry. The paving jointing can be completed without concern of whether it will rain within the next 24 hours. Rain has no detrimental effect on EASYJoint, allowing the job to be completed on schedule. The presence of water simply pauses the curing process; it starts up again once the rain stops.

Water and gravity ensure that the compound flows quickly into all the joints, making it a joy to work with in comparison to traditional methods – and so much quicker.

Speed of application is not the only benefit gained by washing the compound in – it means that every nook and cranny is filled quickly and easily, creating a very strong joint and an effective bond between the compound, paving and paving base material. This results in a durable joint without voids; reducing the risk of damage by freezing weather. It also minimises the chances of insect penetration and weeds are much less likely to gain a foothold too – both of which are very damaging.

EASYJoint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It contains no cement and no resins. It consists of a clever mixture of natural silica sand, a specific grade of linseed oil and various non-toxic hardeners.

The compound will set very hard but will retain flexibility to allow for slight movement and natural expansion and contraction of the paving in varying weather conditions.


Delivery of this product generally takes no more than 3-4 working days. Delivery is made using a courier service and will require a signature.

Unfortunately, we are unable to specify AM / PM / Saturday deliveries for this range of products.


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EASYJoint should only be used in free draining locations & ideally with paving laid on a permeable bed. It is not suitable for sites which retain water, i.e. areas with a high water table or where there is poor natural drainage & the ground is virtually permanently damp/wet. Rainwater & the water used in the application process must be able to drain from the surface & joints.

EASYJoint is permeable to allow water to drain through. If a fully permeable project is desired then the paving base must be built to an appropriate specification to allow water to drain through to the soil.

A minimum joint width of 3mm is required throughout the full depth of the paving material.

For paving on a bound (solid) foundation: min. 22mm depth. For paving on a sand or crushed aggregate foundation: min. 30mm depth.

Application Method:

1. Allow the base material on which the paving is laid to cure before using EASYJoint.

2. Absolutely soak the paving with water using a hose. The area must be saturated before you start & remain so throughout the application process. Imagine the paving is a sponge so saturated with water that it is incapable of absorbing anything more. Don’t worry how wet the area gets provided it can drain off.

The wetter the better. Do not shortcut this process, particularly if working with porous or sensitive materials such as Fossil Buff Sandstone, Limestone & Granite (see Precautions elsewhere on this tub).

3. Use small quantities of EASYJoint, sufficient to work in a few minutes. Spread it across the surface with a squeegee or broom allowing it to fall into the joints. Do not allow EASYJoint to stand in piles on the paving or allow the paving to dry with any EASYJoint remaining on its surface.

4. Using a spray of water, wash the compound into the joints. Don’t worry about using too much water - you can’t. Remember - the wetter the better.

5. Allow excess water to drain away. Top up any sagging joints with more EASYJoint & repeat the spraying process.

6. Clear off any remaining EASYJoint by sweeping diagonally to the joints with a soft broom.

7. Apply a final gentle spray of water to aid both cleaning off any EASYJoint residue & the final compaction process. This will also ensure a relatively smooth finish to the joints.


1. Keep the area wet at all times. Particularly in warm weather, look ahead of where you are working to ensure the paving remains saturated.

2. If a fine texture to the joint is required, “point” (“strike”) the compound with a suitable tool. Start the process once the paving surface has dried and joint is free of excess water.


The company cannot be aware of all the applications & materials the product may be used with. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in any doubt test a sample before use.

1. Only use EASYJoint if the site is free draining.

2. Use plenty of water.

3. If working in freezing conditions do not follow these instructions. Refer to the Dry Application Method described at Never use the Dry Application Method without sealing the paving first.

4. Do not pressure wash within 4 weeks of laying. Keep the nozzle at least 15cm above the surface. Use a fan nozzle.